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Article Standards

Our articles are researched, entertaining, and deep. They provide key perspective shifts for our ideal clients. They help them see the true source of their challenges, and the path forward to transform them.


  • 1500-2500 Words
  • Remove ‘hard to read’ red sentences in Hemmingway App
  • Grade 7 or lower reading level
  • Link to other 1-2 blog posts on our site
  • Link to 1+ outside resources (peers, articles, influencers)
  • 3 headline options
  • Include elements that make it fun to read – story, metaphor, and/or colloquial phrases


  • Less than 1200 words
  • Higher than Grade 7 reading level
  • Regurgitating cliché brand advice
  • Feminine, flowery language or examples

Core Graphics

Facebook Link Image – 1200px by 630px

Give paragraph excerpts to Kaye for 60-second videos

(1-3 per article)

Vertical Image – 720px by 1280px for Pinterest & Insta stories

Square Image – 1200px by 1200px for FB, Website, & Insta – be sure the headline is in the middle 1/3 of the graphic so it doesn’t get cut off

Additional Elements for Promotion

  • 2 social media share texts (FB/Instagram). Goal is to tease the benefit of reading the article, get people to click through to the site.
  • 3 paragraph-long excerpts for Kaye to create 60-second promo videos with. Can be the same as the social text, or more content (value-focused.)
  • SEO meta description
  • Include a Call to Action in the middle and at the end for either the 5-Day Mini Class (beginner content) or the Scaling Guide (advanced content)

Posting Process

Track each article’s development using the ‘Blogs’ project in Asana.


  • Schedule article to publish at 7:00AM on Tuesdays (ideal)
  • Send email to the Brand Insights and/or Advanced Insights lists with a blog excerpt, inviting people to visit the site and read the rest of the article.
    1. The bulk of the articles will be sent to both. If the article leans heavily towards beginner or advanced entrepreneurs, only send to that list.
  • Pin the vertical image(s) to Pinterest. It should be pinned to the ‘My Work’ board and then repinned from that board to -Creative Business and -Brand Strategy source boards.
  • Share a promo ‘kit’ with Kaye:
    • Square & vertical images for Instagram
    • Social teaser text for Instagram
    • Excerpts for video creation
  • Schedule 2 FB posts in buffer to post in the In Demand Mastermind group and to my professional page. Post the first on the day after the article is published/email sent. And schedule the next for Saturday. Use different post text on each.
  • Add the article to the Recurpost schedule


  • Have Kaye record the audio version of the blog. Schedule a FB post in buffer inviting people to listen to the post after complete.